Metaphysics was called the “first philosophy” by Aristotle.   The editor of his works, Andronicus of Rhodes,  is thought to have placed the books on first philosophy right after another work, Physics, and called them τὰ μετὰ τὰ φυσικὰ βιβλία (ta meta ta physika biblia) or “the books that come after the [books on] physics”. This was misread by Latin scholiasts, who thought it meant “the science of what is beyond the physical”.  Aristotle’s Metaphysics was divided into three parts, in addition to some smaller sections related to a philosophical lexicon and some reprinted extracts from the Physics, which are now regarded as the proper branches of traditional Western metaphysics amongst scientists.

Our modern society is readily accepting that human consciousness is capable of far greater direction upon our life and as such a new consciousness is rapidly spreading through global humanity.  It is common place in 2010 to read books like The Secret and hear speakers address co-creation topics such as vision boarding and the law of attraction.  Leading edge motivational and inspirational key-note speakers have created a wave of awareness of a new possibility.  You can consciously and deliberately engage with life and be directive upon the co creation of life with the principles of the law of attraction.  Teachings of the principles of metaphysical laws such as the law of attraction are abundantly offered and sought in our western world and with hindsight and 100 years will be known as another traditional branch of Western metaphysics.  The exciting factor is that this more modern branch of metaphysics is that it comes with a global consciousness.  Previous branches of metaphysical consciousness have not been so successful.

As time has passed and more people have gained the experience of achieving result after result, often with results that could appear miraculous to people without new consciousness.  Law of attraction teachings is yielding consistent formulas with consistent results.  Respect for the metaphysical approach of law of attraction is established with deep roots in global business.  If your personal first philosophy is the embodiment of the law of attraction principles then your results will be the manifestation of the embodiment of those principles.  Fortune whatever hundred companies respect this knowledge as much as the people in the hood applying the principles to exalt their lives.  Packing the initial ball of snow has been done.  The snow ball of new consciousness has been rolling along and growing in size and momentum for many decades and has now reached warp speed growth with the global world wide web.

It is no longer a matter of proving and embedding the law of attraction as truth but fine tuning the teachings, application and awareness of on a global level.  All of the following people are key-note speakers who address  the law of attraction Bob Proctor, Bob Doyle, Bill Harris, Esther Hicks, Hale Dwoskin, Jack Canfield, James Ray, Joe Vitale, John Assaraf, John Demartii, John Gray, Lisa Nichols, Loral Langemeier, Marci Shimoff, Marie Diamond, Michael Beckwith, Mike Dooley, and Neal D Walsch.

Many of the above teachers focus on business, money, youth and spirituality.  All these areas of society need to be addressed.  The respect of business and finance organizations will influence university courses; so their potential new waves of employee selections are skilled with new consciousness skills.  With the respect of the youth and their embodiment of new metaphysical consciousness and skills it guarantees our future generations a new kind of normal.  Remember when the world becoming round instead of flat was the new consciousness that future generations needed?!

The law of attraction is a body of teachings of co creation principles.  Embodiment of these principles would mean that your world view of life is that our reality, or the world we create for ourselves, is really just a manifestation of our thoughts. Everything in our lives originated with a thought. Our thoughts lead to feelings which lead to actions which in turn leads to results which then manifests itself into the reality that we ultimately experience.

Waves in Water, Air and Ether,” delivered in 1902, at the Royal Institution, by J. A. Fleming ““All branches of physical science demonstrate the fact that every completed manifestation, of whatever kind and on whatever scale, is started by the establishment of a nucleus, infinitely small but endowed with an unquenchable energy of attraction, causing it to steadily increase in power and definiteness of purpose, until the process of growth is completed and the matured form stands out as an accomplished fact.”

It is taught that the mechanical order process is

Thoughts ===> Feelings ===> Actions ===> Results ===> Reality. 

Also that we need to understand that thoughts consist of two components: conscious and subconscious. Conscious thought is that which we are aware of. We’re conscious of it. Subconscious thought we are unaware of. Unfortunately most of our daily actions are a result of our subconscious thoughts.

Yet the above thoughts to reality diagram lacks reference to source.  Where do thoughts come from?  Thoughts come from source.  When I use the term source I am referring to ‘All that is’.  I am using a sign post to identify and bring awareness to the metaphysical principles in entirety.  The governing force of existence, the strongest urge or desire in humanities evolution that I chose to label as life force energy is most concentration of source.  The one ‘Substance’ that all else is created from, through and is sustained by for a physical existence.  Life force energy is evolution or creation in process.  The understanding of what that one substance is exactly I am happy to leave to other far more suitable investigators.

The interaction with and governing principles of Substance is the investigation of life and my chosen branch of metaphysics.  Like the law of attraction offering possibilities upon its philosophical and literal embodiment there are other laws with governing principles that when embodied and expressed shift your experience of reality and what reality really is.  You orchestrate your life with conscious choices because you know with a doubt that the choices you make are not only well intentioned but surefooted in the principles of exaltation, the only desire of source.

The experience of source for humanity holds the entire spectrum of dualistic experiences yet source itself is not the experience of source.  Source is unified oneness, absolute and complete process of exaltation.  The process of experiencing source and expressing source in words requires the dilution of the substance itself.  Ineffable experiences are those times when consciousness is received beyond the spoken word.  Symbology explains the concept of a great perception with a representation of, yet not the thing itself but because of the thing itself is encapsulated by.

Source communicates to our physical awareness or the desires of source are experienced in our surface reality.  Undiluted source uses symbology and multi sensory data to communicate.  Diluted source would be anything other than your own connection with source without an inter mediatory.  There is no reality without mind entering into it.  Everything is neutral until you apply meaning to it.  Humans are meaning making machines.  You are an orchestrator of the flow of consciousness.  Our modern times are overdue a new consciousness.   The 3 attributes of source are omnipresence, omniscience and unconditional love.  These are the most fundamental embodiments of metaphysics that global human consciousness naturally has yet most are unaware of.

I suggest new consciousness philosophy ‘first thought’ is simply put as the embodiment of the 3 attributes of source as a first thought human consciousness.   In the words of Dalai Lama XIV: ‘Love is the absence of judgment.‘  Unconditional love is a ceaseless and endless stream of love consciousness, regardless.

Human consciousness embodied in source attributes brings rise to human consciousness skills of insight and foresight.  Insight means to perceive the true nature of a situation and foresight is the perception of the significance and nature of events before they have occurred.  Add omniscience, meaning knowing everything you need to know to either insight or foresight and then you are totally certain of what you perceive and foresee. 

Post 2.  Omniscience